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Statement by H.E. Mr. YU Jianhua, Deputy China International Trade Representative, the Head of the Chinese Delegation at the 41st Session of Industrial Development Board


Mr. President:

Let me begin by extending warm congratulations on your election as the president of Industrial Development Board. I am confident that under your excellent leadership, this session will be a success. At the same time, I wish to express my heartfelt appreciation to the Hungarian Ambassador Mr. Balázs Csuday, for his excellent work he has done as the president of the 40th session.

Now, the world economic recovery is moving forward amid twists and turns with many unstable and destabilizing factors. Global development issue remains prominent. Despite the positive progress the international community has made in implementing the MDGs, it remains an urgent challenge to meet all MDGs in time. To achieve economic and social development, countries around the world have given more attention to the development of the real economy, including the industry. Some developed countries have put forward their strategies of reindustrialization, while a large number of developing countries, particularly LDCs, have expressed the hope to achieve economic and social development through faster industrialization. We are fully aware that the mission and task of UNIDO is heavy, demanding and challenging.

In this session, we will elect the new Director General, as well as discuss a number of important issues such as annual report 2012, program and budgets 2014-2015, outcome document of informal working group on the future of UNIDO. This will be crucial to the work and development of UNIDO in the years to come. Hereby I wish to share with you my observations:

Firstly, we need to take the election of the Director General as an opportunity for better development of UNIDO.

In the past nearly eight years, H.E. Mr. Yumkella, Director General of UNIDO, has made important contribution to the stable development of UNIDO and will leave a rich legacy. The Chinese delegation highly appreciates his contribution and wishes him all the best in his future career.

This February, the Chinese government nominated Mr. Li Yong, Vice Minister of Finance of China, as its candidate for the next Director General. Mr. Li Yong has worked in several international and regional development agencies, government as well as the private sector.

At the candidates’ forum held on May 21st, Mr. Li Yong fully demonstrated his rich experience and outstanding skills in the area of development and fund-raising. China is confident that Mr. Li Yong has what it takes to become the next Director General of UNIDO. In this position, he will lead the organization to overcome difficulties and seize opportunities, help developing countries realize sustainable industrial development and provide comprehensive and efficient services to the UNIDO Member States. The Chinese government is committed to full support to the work of UNIDO and its new DG to enable the organization to play a greater role in sustainable industrial development.

Secondly, We should use the outcome document of the informal working group as a guideline to promote sustainable industrial development.    
Under the leadership of the Co-Chairs, the informal working group has made encouraging progress in the last 20 months and produced a visionary outcome document for the future of UNIDO. China would like to thank the Co-Chairs for their hard work. China endorses the proposal made in the outcome document that UNIDO should leverage its unique strengths, take a result-oriented approach, and prioritize work in the three pillar areas of productivity capacity-building, trade capacity-building and sustainable production and industrial resource efficiency. This will enable UNIDO to better fulfill its mandates of promoting sustainable industrial development. China is of the view that this outcome document provides great insights for exploring the future development for UNIDO.

Thirdly, we need to reinvigorate UNIDO beyond the 15th UNIDO Conference.

Over the last few years, some members withdrew from UNIDO. The future of the organization is not without difficulties and challenges. However, overall existing members still have great faith in the organization. Industrial development attracts more attention from the world, UNIDO is likely to receive greater recognition on its core mandate and is given better opportunities in the post-2015 development agenda. China believes UNIDO is entering a period of strategic opportunities. In this December, the 15th General Conference will take place in Lima, Peru. Member States will take the opportunity of the Conference, conduct a full discussion on a range of important issues, and pass the new Lima Declaration and Plan of Action at the conference, thus shining a light on the path and priorities for the future development of UNIDO. China appreciates the positive contribution of the government of Peru in preparing the conference, and will work together with all Member States to ensure its great success.

Mr. President,

China highly values the important role of UNIDO in South-South Cooperation. For a long time, China and UNIDO have had extensive cooperation and achieved significant outcome in sectors such as the promoting practical technologies, capacity building and utilization of clean energy. China will further strengthen cooperation with UNIDO in the future, exchange development experience with other developing countries through South-South Cooperation to achieve industrial progress and common development.

I wish this session a complete success.

Thank you Mr. President.

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