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Yu Jianhua was Present at the 25th Session of APEC Ministerial Meeting


On October 4-5, Yu Jianhua, Deputy China International Trade Representative attended the 25th session of APEC Ministerial Meeting, and expressed China’s position on issues ofsupporting multilateral trade system and Bogor Goals.

For supporting multilateral trade system, Yu Jianhua said that, due to efforts made by newly-posted Director-General of WTO, early harvest negotiations presents new atmosphere. Now, there is only few days left to MC9, to ensure the success of early harvest, the recent negotiations should stick to the following principles: 1. Do not challenge the bottom line of other member countries, which will lead early harvest to miss good opportunities; 2. Do not create new problems and difficulties; 3. All parties should make full play of flexibility, seeking compromise proposal and reasonable landing area. As long as we stick to these principles, it should be easy to ensure early harvest. Besides, WTO should resume and complete ITA expansion negotiations before MC9, driving MC9 to gain balanced and significant achievements.

For reaching Bogor Goals, Yu Jianhua put forward three proposals. 1. Advance liberalization of Asia-Pacific region. To realize Bogor Goals, all APEC economic entities should not only solve traditional trade and investment obstacles, but also prevent new restrictive measures, firmly objecting all kinds of trade protectionism. In recent years, restrictive measures aiming at environmental products like new energy are emerging endlessly, so APEC economic entities should prevent and solve trade frictions through negotiations and dialogues. Therefore, China put forward the public and private dialogue mechanism of environmental products and services, and gained wide support. In the year of 2014, China will hold the first dialogue on the issues of renewable energy and clean energy trade and investment, and we look forward to your support and participation. 2. Advance Asia-Pacific regional economic integration. When firmly safeguard the multilateral trading system as the main channel, APEC economic entities should continue to promote the process of regional integration. APEC should set up platforms for intra-regional Free Trade Zones for exchanging information, and strengthening capacity building, so as to form a complexion of mutual learning, mutual promotion and mutual interpenetration, creating favorable conditions for the establishment of Asia-Pacific Free Trade Zone. 3. Advance Asia-Pacific cooperation on global value chain. APEC economic entities should strengthen cooperation to create favorable environment for the development and cooperation of global value chain. We should devote ourselves to safeguard the free, fair and balanced international trade system, to ensure the common benefits. We should vigorously carry out economic and technical cooperation and capacity building, enabling economic entities and enterprises on different developmental levels to participate in and gain reasonable benefits from global value chain. In the year of 2014, China will held Global Value Chain Dialogue, and we look forward to your support and participation.

During APEC Ministerial Meeting, Yu Jianhua had separate meetings with Punk, Deputy US Trade Representative and Azevedo, Director-General of WTO.

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